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Untangling Spaghetti BPM

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To maximize the return on investment from a BPM Suite you need to achieve scale. Yet according to research, many organizations find that after two or three projects their progress falters. While they would have expected the cost and effort of automation to decline as their BPM Suite deployment matured, instead they find that the cost and effort increases. This paper reveals a surprising culprit for this increasing inertia – data integration weaknesses that stem from the architecture of most BPM Suites. More importantly, this paper proposes a remedy, which can streamline integration and speed up development, however widely you scale you BPM endeavor.

That remedy is the inclusion of a virtualized data model, integrate into the BPM Suite. Read this paper to learn how separate data and process layers enable you to maximize the re-use of process development, and improve collaboration between business stakeholders and IT, by simplifying process content and avoiding “Spaghetti BPM”.

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