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Future-Proofing Your Data Center Storage

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For years, organizations have made hard choices on storage spending in the face of high growth as well as high sensitivity to outages and data loss. Data grows as a result of more customers and transactions, fatter applications and protocols, increased regulations, more redundancy for better data protection, digitization of paper processes, brand-new workloads, and a host of other reasons. Regardless of the source of data growth though, firms face increased storage spending as a result. Existing budgets may have expanded to keep pace, or they may be a barrier to continued growth of the business, but juggling the need to grow and innovate with the desire to shrink costs is a challenging decision point for most every business. To dig deeper on this topic, HP commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey IT hardware decision-makers in North America about their storage requirements for this Technology Adoption Profile (TAP). The data shows that the time is now for firms to reduce capital and operating expense through improved tools and processes where excess exists, while at the same time investing in increased flexibility and automation that can provide additional agility for businesses to respond to new opportunities quickly.

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