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Fulfulling Microsoft Lync’s Destiny as a Visual Collaboration Solution

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Blue Jeans Network

Microsoft Lync is a unified communications platform that provides a consistent, single, unified-client experience for presence, instant messaging, persistent chat, voice, video, and data sharing. However, Lync has some shortcomings in its approach to enterprise video conferencing.

In this white paper, you will learn how third-party service providers can help Lync to become the ubiquitous solution empowering information workers, speeding decision making, and enabling the next generation of B2B and B2C communications.

With third-party solutions, Lync can deliver:
1. Interoperability with Legacy Room Video Conferencing Systems
2. Interoperability with Skype, and other popular Desktop/Mobile Clients
3. Scalable Multipoint Capabilities
4. Rich, Two-way Data Collaboration Capabilities
5. One-Time Federation

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