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Today, virtualization has already revolutionized the server landscape. VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) takes virtualization to the desktop environment, bringing with it the management, availability and control benefits that have been so successful in server virtualization. Desktop Management is one of the largest challenges to IT and the most significant cost of this is operational, including staff to deploy, maintain, update, backup and support the infrastructure. Therefore deploying a VDI infrastructure that simplifies the management and control of these environments is a huge benefit to both IT and the organization as a whole.

Propalms VDI is a Management and Connection Brokering solution for Virtual Desktop deployment across the enterprise. Propalms VDI provides an end to end solution to virtual desktop and application delivery. Using Propalms VDI you can deliver virtual desktops to users, deliver applications to virtual desktops, automate tasks inside virtual desktops and have full monitoring and management control from a central management console.

This version of VDI has been developed in conjunction with prominent virtualization providers like VMware, Parallels and KVM, offering the most cost effective VDI solution on the market without compromising functionality.

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