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Attacks On Trust: The Cybercriminal’s New Weapon

Security Management

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This recent study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Venafi, focuses on the significant rise in cybercriminals exploiting vulnerable cryptographic keys and digital certificates. According to the paper, within the last 12 months alone nearly half (44%) of all businesses have reported an attack on their cryptographic resources. By targeting the trust established between networked devices—including servers, virtual machines, clouds and mobile devices—hackers are stealing identities, gaining access to intellectual property and even posing as legitimate entities to launch attacks against other victims. Cybercriminals want access to your network. You need to not only recognize the risk of trust-based attacks but also learn how to thwart them. This study explains why many security measures don’t protect cryptographic data and outlines four steps that you can take to keep these criminals out.

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