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Cloud providers rush to build EU datacentres over data sovereignty

Large cloud providers such as IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and VMware are building datacentres in Europe as enterprises based in the European Union (EU) migrating workloads to the cloud insist their data stays in the region. Cloud provider IBM announced it... »  read more

Google boosts Chrome encryption amid email warning

Google routinely publishes reports to establish transparency into how often responds to data requests from law enforcement agencies, but its latest update pertains more to industry competitors. The Internet giant issued a memo on Tuesday -- a reminder to some and... »  read more

Companies Still Not Taking Cyber Security Seriously, Survey Finds

With high-profile security breach disclosures becoming an almost every-day occurrence, you'd think that most businesses would be taking cyber security seriously by now. Sadly, that's just not the case, a new study has revealed. In reality, incidents of cybercrime and their... »  read more

Facebook Conceal will protect data on your smartphone’s SD card

When your smartphone caches part of your mobile apps and data onto your SD card, that data's vulnerable: It can be seen by other apps. Facebook's Conceal, a set of Java APIs, will solve the problem for those developers that... »  read more

5 signs of network disruption

When the Federal Information Security Management Act was passed in 2002, federal agencies received a wake-up call to tighten the reins on information security. Driven by FISMA’s compliance framework that set forth unwavering standards for federal data security, agencies began... »  read more

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