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The end of BI as we know it: A fresh look at business analytics

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It has never been easier to access and drive visual analytics. Dan Jewett (Tableau Software) talks in this podcast to ETM’s Ali Klaver about the features of version 6.0 and how they’ll make life so much easier.

Dan sets the scene with a brief history of Tableau:
Tableau Software is a provider of business intelligence software and our special twist on that is around the visual analytics aspect. We’re not really about creating printed reports, invoices and those kinds of things—we’re more of an analytic software company. We allow you to dive in, understand your data, and ask and answer questions against your data. And that data can be anywhere, whether it’s in an Excel spreadsheet or in a big enterprise corporate data warehouse. We’ll connect to your data and let you go through an interactive session to ask and answer questions about that data.


I’ve been at Tableau for a little over three years. I’ve been in the business intelligence space for a long time at different companies such as Brio and Hyperion, and have always been working around how to bring the user tools to understand their data. That’s what my career has been about and is what attracted me to Tableau. The co-founders and I met six or seven years ago and hit it off. We shared the same passion about letting people understand their data and get interactive with it to generate questions and answers with that data.


Dan Jewett
VP of Product Management

Dan Jewett is Tableau Software’s Vice President of Product Management. Dan has more than 20 years of product management and development experience in a variety of technical and marketing positions particularly for business intelligence software companies. Prior to Tableau, Dan was an early employee at Brio Software where he served in numerous senior roles including VP, Business Intelligence and VP, System Architecture. Dan helped build Brio to hundreds of employees and thousands of customers and continued through its IPO and eventual acquisition by Hyperion Solution. At Hyperion, he played a key role in market positioning, strategy decisions, and the overall product strategy. Dan holds a master’s degree in business administration from California State University, Long Beach, and a Bachelor’s degree in business (management information systems) from California State University, Sacramento.

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