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Simon Taylor (CommVault) says that, in order to migrate, move and manage information in the cloud regardless of the business or IT driver, it’s essential to involve experts in the field both from and IT and legal perspective to establish a methodology around how you’re going to do it.

Simon: “Cloud is probably one of the most misused terms right now. People use it to describe all sorts of collections of services, whether it’s for eDiscovery in the legal world and moving information to legal cloud providers, or for storage services that people require for moving data offsite. For example, Microsoft Azure, Iron Mountain and those types of companies that offer specific cloud storage services for the long term retention of data. Realistically, I think clouds themselves fall into a couple of types. One is a private cloud, and the other is a public cloud. The difference between the two is very simple. A private cloud is something that describes a collection of services or utilities inside an organization that people can contract to or get a service from through a simple single interface. For instance, if you took a storage vendor type model you’d find that they would create a private cloud storage facility where you would write information to one place, using one set of interfaces, and it would be stored internally with a set of capabilities around that. In contrast, public cloud it is very much an external service, utilized across multiple different organizations. You often find that if you contract to a particular service with an external cloud provider, that service is delivered off a platform that multiple other different organizations are contracting to at the same time. It does raise some concerns, but of course you get their economies of scale because the actual provider themselves is able to host more from that one platform. The downside is that your information is intermingled with other peoples’, whereas a private cloud is inside your organization and therefore offers a lot more security around what you do internally.”

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