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Telecom Analytics: Device software can help carriers improve customer experience

When it comes to customer experience management, it is critical for telecom operators to understand their clients and how they consume services. In a video interview with RCR Wireless, Larry Lenhart, CEO of Carrier iQ, explained how carriers can get data by putting software on devices that collects information about cellular network and Wi-Fi usage, roaming, battery functionality and applications.

The software pulls that information through the network to a big data platform that processes the raw data into actionable intelligence.

According to Lenhart, carriers have been good at looking at their networks and useful information is coming from device usage.

He also commented on telecom analytics trends. “There are three critical things when you talk about big data analytics: understanding how you get a quick ROI; how you get information that you need and not all information; and how to work with one individual data base source,” he said.

More news from the telecom analytics market:

– Goldman Sachs is investing $100 million in Applied Predictive Techologies. The 13-year-old big data firm has a large client list of prominent retailers that are using its cloud service to help guide nearly every marketing decision.

– FirstRain has released a big data analytics solution called Market Insights that delivers real-time insights for enterprise marketing.

– OpenVault has entered into a three-year agreement with Shenandoah Telecommunications (Shentel) to provide data analytics that will help Shentel optimize its broadband services, deliver new services and increase customer satisfaction.

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Source: rcrwireless