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Environmental data centre partners Sustainable Storage Company

MigSolv, (Migration Solutions), has agreed a partnership with Sustainable Storage Company, Nimbus Data Systems, enabling them to utilise the high environmental credentials of the MigSolv Norwich data centre, The Gatehouse.

Nimbus Sustainable Storage® is intelligent and efficient solid state storage that significantly cuts the power requirements of traditional storage, (as low as 5 watts per terabyte), whilst also reducing the overall footprint of the storage by a factor of up to 14 to 1.

MigSolv’s, The Gatehouse, data centre was designed and built around the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre Efficiency and was awarded under the Code in 2012, as well as winning a GreenLight award from the EU JRC. The highly efficient data centre utilises environmental technologies to create an environment for IT equipment that is efficient, resilient and secure.

Ed Renwick, UK Country Manager, identified MigSolv’s Norwich data centre as the ideal facility to meet the needs of his customers for security, resilience and for its excellent environmental credentials. The added benefit that MigSolv can provide installation and support services to his customers made this the ideal choice as it gives customers the confidence and assurance that their vital data is hosted in a facility with the skills to support them and the environmental ethics to match their own.

Jacob Barreth, Sales Director at MigSolv, said, “The Nimbus flash storage systems are a game changer in the enterprise storage industry. Consuming up to 80% less energy than traditional spinning disk technologies will result in significantly lower power charges for our customers. Our billing approach of only charging for actual power used remains relatively unique in the world of colocation and, if our customers are using 80% less energy for their storage, they will be paying 80% less for their power. It’s a win, win, situation. This combined with the exceptional performance of the Nimbus flash storage will make our proposition very attractive to our customers.”

Source: Migration Solutions