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Bridgeworks launches WANrockIT in AWS Marketplace to help customers with high-speed data back-up and recovery

Bridgeworks has announced the launch of WANrockIT for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), this will help organizations further reduce the amount of time it takes to get data to and from the cloud.

The WANrockIT AMI will present in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) as a locally attached device on the customers’ in-house SAN using iSCSI or Fibre Channel connectivity. This functionality will enable organisations to move their data directly to the AWS Cloud and into Amazon S3 via the AWS Storage Gateway as though they were locally attached devices. The AMI provides a simple process for implementing and securing SAN extensions to the Cloud for Disk and Tape connectivity.

With WANrockIT, customers can now transfer data using their block level SAN protocols – namely Fibre Channel and iSCSI – transferring it directly into Amazon S3 (Disk or VTL) close to the full link speed of the customer’s connection. From the customer’s perspective, IT admins only see a locally attached Disk or VTL on their SAN. WANrockIT does not store any data within the product so the data you send is on the AWS Cloud as fast as connection speeds allow.


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Source: BridgeWorks