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4 Reasons Why Application Development is Better in the Cloud

Companies that rely on using their own servers to develop applications will want to take a look at what the cloud can offer them. By developing applications in the cloud, programmers can significantly reduce development time. They’ll be able to start testing and deploying their applications in a more streamlined fashion. Following are four benefits programmers will enjoy while developing applications in the cloud:


Developers working together on an application can collaborate more easily when they turn to the cloud. Members of the team can easily work from separate remote locations, enabling companies to employ talented people without being restricted to geographical limitations. The project can be easily managed with hosted source code management tools, passing off code to different members of the team.

Software in the Cloud

Using Software as a Service to develop applications can speed up the process and save money. Instead of spending time to define the software, hardware and infrastructure that’s needed to develop an application, using development resources in the cloud means the company doesn’t need to purchase software and hardware and then configure it. Rather, the company only pays for the storage and capacity required for the software project under development. What’s more, application development software tools will be updated by the SaaS provider rather than by the company’s IT department.


Companies will benefit when they move to a cloud platform for testing software during application development. Using a cloud service provider enables creation of virtual computing configurations with various operating systems to test how the application will work on different computing platforms. This saves the company from investing capital to buy servers for local use and allows for testing of the application to see how it functions under heavy use.


The cloud provides access to virtually unlimited computing power, which is essential during application development when considering scaling of the project. Development in the cloud eliminates the need to purchase and allocate server capacity to accommodate the additional workload. Instead, the cloud services provider can allocate additional resources on demand.

Companies that use cloud computing services to develop applications will have a distinct advantage over their competitors who still rely on their own IT infrastructure and support staff to write, test and deploy code. Improved collaboration, cost savings and scalability are all realized by moving the development process into the cloud.

Source: Cloud Provider USA