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Cloud: The Modern Day Puzzle



Our second EM360˚ edition of the year takes a turn towards IT infrastructure markets. Cloud management to be precise: the topic de jour in the industry undoubtedly as cloud computing innovation gets driven by the demand for reliable, secure, high speed, and resilient networks and infrastructures.

Cloud adoption is likely to be a big beneficiary for small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in 2013. The majority UK market for SMEs (58%) from a study by Rackspace said implementation of cloud services would help them “punch above their weight”.

However, costs in this area as well as storage are also a key consideration. And so selecting only the on- or off-premise services you need, becomes the essential. Interxion (p.17), Citrix (p.23) and Abiquo (p.20) discuss certain cloud computing management platforms and models that customers can utilise. While Esteemed Unified Communications expert Jon Arnold brings a panel of experts together for an informal discussion on deploying UC in the cloud with Genband, BT Global and Avaya (p.12).

In other infrastructure themes we have HP discussing how they have pushed along the concept of converged storage (p.34), while 451 Research alerts why the Open Compute Project, a union of large data centre operators, wants to see fundamental changes to data centre structures (p.26). Digital Realty’s Robert Bath brings to light the topic of data centre connectivity and his company’s EMEA market expansion (p.30).

Although infrastructure issues take main stage in Q2′s magazine issue, we also consider best practices in information management as another substantial element in the edition. From TDQI’s key priorities in data warehousing (p.44), to Customer Experience concepts from ClickFox (p.46) and ClickTale (p.53), to interpretations in data protection Unitrends (p.36) and encryption and key Venafi (p.42), this magazine issues amalgamates the key trends in enterprise IT today.