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Visualising the Impact of Virtualisation



The role of desktop virtualisation has played a key part in the IT industry. So with that being the case, is the desktop truly dead? Virtual Bridges doesn’t think that this is the case, feeling they have an adaptable VDI solution in place for its customers on Page 16.

As desktop virtualisation technologies continue to evolve, Desktop-as-a-Service is also a slowly developing sector as their next-generation strategy, as NaviSite testifies (Page 32).

OpenStack, which has its own desktop virtualisation solution, is deployed by Rackspace for its ‘open cloud’ philosophy. Its Vice President of Technology explains how enterprises are embracing open standards in the cloud. The cloud market is also dissected by Paul Burns and Ian Moyse (Pages 36 and 46).

And two really interesting and informing panel discussions take place in this issue, with 451 Research and BroadGroup Consulting initiating thought provoking discussions on Identity and Access Management (Page 20) and modular data centres (Page 50), respectively.