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Information Management

CIOs will kill off chief digital officers in 2015, Forrester predicts

But if you are not up to the challenge, your organisation will find another CIO who is. CIOs will build their reputations as a digital innovation leader in 2015 and make chief digital officers unnecessary – or be replaced by a... »  read more

The “Knowledge Quotient” – How Leading Enterprises Are Getting Greater Value from Information Assets

IDC’s research report on knowledge workers and information findability is often quoted when people are trying to build the business case for information management initiatives. The 2009 study showed that the average knowledge worker spent almost 9 hours per week... »  read more

How to Create an Intelligent Assistant: Search Based Applications, Semantic Search, and Big Data – the Next Big Thing in KM

Intelligent assistants recognize what users are looking for; and provide precise and relevant answers. How do you go from the search system you have today, to one that serves as an intelligent assistant to customers, partners, and/or employees? To begin with, you... »  read more

Intelligent Search: Making the Most of Metadata

Search is a conversation. If you ask me a question and I don’t understand, I can ask you for more information. With time you learn more about my interests, and can give better answers. Well-designed, intelligent search systems can do... »  read more

The Digital Transformation: Staying Competitive

It’s easy to argue that today’s information technologies accelerate the speed at which enterprises make decisions, process information, and collaborate to solve problems. But do they provide any competitive advantages? The pace of collaboration, problem solving, innovation, and value creation has... »  read more

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