Who is IMI, and how do they fit in with Enterprise Management 360˚(EM360˚) ?

Informed Market Intelligence, or IMI, is EM360˚’s parent company—a full-service marketing and communications company with expertise in developing high-impact programs that drive measurable results across the entire spectrum of communications media.


I’m a contributing analyst but can’t see my bio or headshot on the website and I think it should be there. Who do I contact?

It’s best to contact our editor, David Tran, on dtran@imipublishing.com. It’s also a good idea to send through a short bio (100 words) and a high-resolution headshot of yourself at the same time, just so he has everything he needs to create your profile.


I want to become a featured analyst and I’d like the world to have access to my whitepapers, podcasts and other research in the EM360˚ magazine and on the website—how do I do this?

EM360˚ welcomes all analyst contributions, and we like to create lasting partnerships to encourage a good flow of information to our audience. David Tran, our Editor, would love to hear from you: dtran@imipublishing.com. Alternatively, you can apply to be an analyst through the website and someone from the editorial team will be in touch to see how you fit in with EM360˚.


I’m interested in becoming a respected media/research partner of EM360˚ —who should I contact?

We love to build our network of media and research partners, and there are a two ways to do it. If your field is research-based, then our editor, David Tran, would love to hear from you on dtran@imipublishing.com. If you’re a media company, then Mark Kendrick is the person to contact regarding a partnership: mkendrick@imipublishing.com.


I am a valued client of EM360˚ and have questions about my dedicated marketing campaign—who do I contact?

Rahela Craig, our account manager, is the person with all the answers to your questions. Please contact her on rcraig@imipublishing.com, or please feel free to contact us directly on +44 (0) 207 148 4444.


I think my blog is better than those already featured—how can I convince EM360˚ to feature mine instead?

You’ll have to prove that your blog is more current, up-to-date and relevant than the ones we are currently promoting. If you think it is then our editor, David Tran, would love to hear from you:


How does my exciting IT event get featured on EM360˚?

We love to feature any and all IT events worldwide. In fact, we like to create partnerships with them. Contact Mark Kendrick (mkendrick@imipublishing.com) and he will get straight back to you.


How do I provide a glowing testimonial?

We love to hear your feedback, both good and bad, so please email all feedback to David Tran, dtran@imipublishing.com

For any other questions, please call or email the person you think can best answer your question on our “Contact us” page.