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For the past two decades, the order of the day has been to harden network and server access, in an attempt to ‘reinforce the perimeter’ and protect what lies within.

While this remains good and necessary IT practise, it takes no account of two very important and inescapable truths: 1) users are always inside the perimeter, and 2) even those authorised users can cause significant damage.

By ignoring these, CI(S)Os fail to address possibly the most fundamental persistent threat, that of a breach orchestrated by one or more of their organisation’s own users. The antidote to this “Insider Threat” is to arrange persistent protection and control over information at all times.

Watchful Software’s products address two of the most critical questions facing CI(S)Os today – how do I protect my company’s greatest asset (outside of its people), which is its information? And, in today’s world of increasingly complex cyber-crimes, how do I constantly ensure that the people accessing that information are who they say they are?

• RightsWATCH is a layered Information Protection & Control software solution to keep   data safe and secure regardless of whether it is in transit or stored inside or outside your perimeter
• TypeWATCH is an advanced Persistent Security mechanism, using state-of-the-art e-Biometrics, to continuously verify that the people using your systems are who you think they are

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