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Splunk Inc. provides the platform for machine data™. Splunk® software collects, indexes and harnesses machine-generated big data coming from the websites, applications, servers, networks, sensors and mobile devices that power business. Over 5,600 customers use Splunk Enterprise to gain Operational Intelligence to improve uptime, reduce cost and mitigate cybersecurity risk.

Splunk for Application Management
Developing, maintaining and supporting large-scale, complex, highly distributed and interconnected applications is extremely challenging. Traditional application management approaches are ill-equipped to handle the complexity of today’s application architectures and deployment environments. Splunk Enterprise provides a better approach, enabling you to find and fix application problems faster to reduce downtime, gain end-to-end operational visibility of your key performance indicators. With Splunk you can deliver usage and user insights from your application data to help the business make better decisions. Splunk customers such as Tesco and Ongame have reduced their MTTI/MMTR by 95%, cut their development cycles by 30% and benefit from 50% less escalations.

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