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Foresite SPA


Foresite is a revolutionary Sales Performance Application (SPA) that improves the effectiveness of ambitious management teams to deliver outstanding sales growth.

Based on 25 years of high sales growth experience and created with international blue-chip development partners in 3 continents, Foresite increases productivity across the entire sales value chain by managing customer information, commercial intelligence and performance analytics in one cloud-based system that helps companies to recognise opportunities and overcome barriers to sales.

Reliable forward-looking information empowers managers to respond quickly and effectively to any performance and market issues they encounter.

Foresite is simple and quick to implement and delivers rapid business benefits. The insightful dashboards, KPIs, graphics and reports are easy to understand and add value to commercial teams and operational management alike.

Being cloud-based, Foresite is simple and quick to implement and very cost effective.

 Quick/easy to adopt
 Tailored for perfect business and functional fit
 MS Outlook/IBM Notes interface from day 1
 Works with existing systems & data from day1
 Agile and non-prescriptive
 Low risk – secure access & advanced encryption
 Straightforward one-stop support (single tenant)
 No plug-ins or bolt-ons required
 Competitively priced with high return on investment (ROI)

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