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Swedish Social Insurance Agency Does BYOD Right

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One of the most prominent trends in today’s working environment is the demand by employees for flexibility. Employees want the freedom to choose how and when they work, and not be confined to an assigned desk during assigned times while using assigned mobile devices. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the practice of allowing employees to use their own personal mobile devices to access private company resources such as email, file servers, and databases. The big issue for organizations lies with the coexistence of this sensitive work-related data with personal applications and data. BYOD conflicts with an employer’s need for access control, user management, and secure login routines. Recently, McAfee and Citrix have proven that BYOD is possible, even in a public sector environment lie the Swedish Social Insurance agency where the demands for security and access control are exceptionally high. By combining the McAfee® One Time Password Server and Certificate Services with Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure, the agency is enabling its employees to use any device of their choice for work purposes.

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