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Make Sure You Use All Your Data to Compete and Win

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It doesn’t require a huge investment to extract value from big data. Intel IT achieved tens of millions of dollars in savings and new revenue in a matter of months using small BI teams focusing on a few high-value use cases.
• Increased sales. Intel market development teams analyze big data to identify high potential resellers. In the Asia-Pacific region, alone, they uncovered USD 20 million in new and incremental sales opportunities.
• Manufacturing optimization. Intel manufacturing teams analyze historical data to achieve higher quality with less testing. They are on track to realize annual savings of USD 30 million in 2013 and 2014.
• Chip design validation. Intel chip designers catch problematic design issues earlier to improve design efficiency and are speeding time-to-market for next-generation products. These are the first of many more big data projects at Intel. Use cases now in development are expected to deliver even higher returns, up to USD 100 million or more. Your company will have its own set of high-value, big data use cases. With the right approach, you can implement them cost-effectively to achieve quick returns, and then expand your infrastructure as needed to address future needs.

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