Case Study

Advanced Persistent e-Biometrics

Information Management, Security Management

Participating Company:

Watchful Software

Traditional methods of authentication are costly, cumbersome or have become too easy to overcome. By lacking a continuous user identity validation, traditional authentication mechanisms have severe access control vulnerabilities.

The solution resides in deploying inexpensive, transparent, intrusion detection systems that persistently monitor the user’s interaction with the system whilst searching for proof of intrusion. TypeWATCH is a software-only e-Biometric solution requiring no hardware, yet it continuously monitors for intrusion attempts by analysing free text typing patterns of each user.

TypeWATCH provides persistent security post-login and secures the entire user session in real-time. With a 99.7% accuracy rate, if an intruder is detected, TypeWATCH automatically applies defined security policies (challenge passwords, notification, lockout, etc) with a forensic audit trail for compliance purposes

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