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Roambi, far more intelligent than simply roaming Business Intelligence

Blogger: Richard Ptak

Roambi offers a window into your business intelligence world through a tablet, smartphone or phablet. Specifically designed for the mobile user, it accesses existing databases with applets that extract and process BI data, to create striking visualisations for ‘Big Data’ applications. Its key selling points include a far better data access and display without a major time or resource investment and a much better user experience than the current

Those apps, some available from Apple’s App Store, are supported on the iPhone, iPad Mini and iPad. There are two key apps. First is the Roambi Analytics App. It provides an Excel-like spreadsheet with graphs and tables for data. Second is the Roambi Flow App that lets users create reports with text and graphics easily on an iPad, a little like a Word application but built to handle BI data.

Roambi will create these sophisticated displays of business information for data residing in an application file such as Excel, or on SaaS services, but more usually on a corporate BI system using Cognos, Business Objects, Oracle, SAP,, or Microsoft Office SharePoint, etc.

The hot news is just-announced Java database connectivity (JDBC) for content portals, BI systems and databases. The analytics app can combine data from multiple sources into one Roambi report – including DB2, Hive/Apache Hadoop, Teradata, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, or SAP, etc.

The basic architecture is an application for access, display and report-building resident on the mobile device. It extracts data from a variety of data servers, while linked via a cellular mobile data service.

Monetised offerings include application software for handset devices or as SaaS. Offerings cover the four major customer types: large corporations – Roambi’s Analytics and Flow App, a mid-market SaaS offering – Roambi Lite, a small business offering – Roambi Pro, SaaS – used by 5000 SMBs, and a customer-installed version – Roambi ES Server – which can send BI data to any authorised user in range. In addition there is a widely used free app version for a single user.

Major customers include Vodafone, Novartis, Dow Corning, the municipality of Washington, DC, Sydney Airport, Telefonica Germany and the South African Census Bureau – who use the free app version as a public window for their findings. In addition, 8 out of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies use Roambi. In the USA, over 100,000 professionals use the free app version.

Despite its Fortune 500 success, the founding company behind Roambi, MeLLmo, remains small with 160 staff, is backed by Sequoia Capital, and led by Santiago Becerra.

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