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IBM and Microsoft pledge to make their clouds compatible

IBM will support Microsoft technologies, and vice versa, in each other's respective cloud. IBM and Microsoft have pledged to make their technologies interoperable in the cloud for the sake of their users despite the tech giants being fierce rivals in the... »  read more

Finance IT group wants to push forward banks’ cloud discussion

The Banking Industry Architecture Network (Bian) called on the industry to move beyond technical discussions and consider which of their core systems banks can move to cloud platforms and share. Bian has written a white paper identifying 280 core bank processes... »  read more

SAP grows cloud revenue by 45%

SAP’s revenue from cloud services has grown by 45% year-on-year. Cloud subscriptions and support accounted for revenue of €277m for the software giant in the third quarter of 2014, up from €191m in the same quarter last year. But the German software... »  read more

Teradata pushes integrated data analytics with Connection Analytics & QueryGrid

Speaking at this week’s Nashville conference, Teradata has highlighted the need for integrated data analytics. Teradata has introduced data fabric platform, QueryGrid, the integrative tool for business users to access multiple analytics in one cohesive ecosystem, at the Teradata Partners Conference... »  read more

Dell Announces Network Functions Virtualization Platform and Starter Kits

Dell has introduced Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and starter kits for telecommunications carriers. “NFV marks a momentous technology shift – and opportunity – for telecommunications providers. In the past, they had to rely on both highly-proprietary and complex arrangements of dedicated... »  read more

Google team up with Novartis to create life-changing smart lense

Diabetes management touted as possible smart contact lens use: Google is working with medical company Novartis to bring smart contact lenses to market, capable of helping to monitor the wearer's health. An agreement between the two companies has Novartis subsidiary Alcon... »  read more

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