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Paul Burns

Paul Burns is the President and Founder of Neovise, an IT industry analyst firm focused on cloud computing.

He works closely with executive leaders from vendors and service providers to understand, evaluate and provide input on their solutions. He also spends time with IT organizations and businesses, compiling research data, analyzing needs and providing guidance on IT investments.

Paul has nearly 25 years experience in the IT industry, driving strategy for enterprise software solutions through product management, competitive analysis and business planning. He has held a series of leadership positions in marketing and R&D, and worked as a research director / IT industry analyst at another firm immediately prior to founding Neovise. Paul also writes articles for industry publications and speaks at industry events. He earned both B.S. in Computer Science and M.B.A. degrees from Colorado State University. Paul’s extensive industry background offers Neovise and its clients valuable insights on technical solutions that deliver business results.

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