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Dana Gardner

Dana Gardner is a leading identifier of software productivity trends and new IT business value opportunities through his blog. He honed his skills and refined his insights as an IT industry analyst, beginning in 1999. He is producer of BriefingsDirect podcasts. Follow him on Twitter.


For 10 years prior to becoming an industry analyst, he was a pundit and online/print news editor, with onging coverage of the emerging software development and enterprise infrastructure arenas. Gardner is well known as a creative thought leader on enterprise software solutions, strategies, partnerships, and markets. As a skilled multi-media communicator and evangelist, he has written dozens of industry reports on the business benefits of IT and Internet innovation for advancing general productivity, improving employee efficiency, and reducing total IT costs.


Gardner tracks and analyzes a critical set of enterprise software technologies and business development issues: Cloud computing, service Oriented Architecture, integration, business intelligence, application development tools and application delivery optimization techniques. His specific interests include enterprise infrastructure and business processes, developer tool advances and trends, open source strategies, infrastructure outsourcing and utility usage trends, governance and virtualization deployment initiatives.


As founder and president of Interarbor Solutions, Gardner has taken a strong record in consulting services for IT vendors, carriers, and enterprises to yet another level: The exciting new communications capabilities around Internet social media. Businesses of all kinds are quickly exploiting blogs, podcasts and video-podcasts for education, communications and viral outreach. Gardner practices what he preaches, as a frequent blogger on ZDNet and his personal blog, as well as a podcaster. He began podcasting as a founding member of the Gillmor Gang in 2004.

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