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Audrey Rasmussen

Audrey Rasmussen leverages her experience of over 30 years in the information technology industry, to help her clients as they navigate through the accelerating changes in the information technology industry. Over the years, she had developed experiences in various contexts (expertise in systems and application management, working with very small companies to very large corporations, industry specializations, business focus, and technical focus), which combine into unique insights into the information technology industry.
Previously, Audrey served as vice president at Enterprise Management Associates, where she focused on systems and application management. She was also a systems engineer at IBM, where she supported customers with small-to-medium sized distributed systems, as well as industry specialties. Audrey was also co-author of the Network World Fusion Network and Systems Management newsletter for several years, and she is widely quoted in publications such as Network World, InformationWeek, Computerworld and eWeek. Audrey holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration/finance from the University of Southern California

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