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Enterprise Management 360° (EM360°) is an award-nominated, multimedia publication providing readers and listeners with a direct focus on five core subject areas. We provide subscribers with greatly informative podcasts, whitepapers, case studies and e-mail campaigns from the leading industry analysts, experts and vendors. Our social media avenues and conference events allows EM360° to provide up-to-date information of all the latest trends in the IT industry today.

Our five titles — Infrastructure Management 360°, Business Management 360°, Security Management 360°, Information Management 360° and Application Management 360° — enriches our audience with key debates in these respective areas.

EM360°’s e-newsletters and now monthly magazine hardcopy reports —also available online, Apple’s Newsstand app as well as other mobile device platforms — helps you provide the foundations for your decision-making strategies.

Working with EM360°

We also work with our advertisers to manage their campaign across our relevant platforms to a targeted audience. We manage this with a cohesive editorial and marketing product that interacts with our 270,000 global subscribers.

From the very beginning to the very end of your campaign, EM360° will be there every step of the way through our knowledgeable and experienced staff. From podcast recordings and editorial transcripts, to advertising campaigns and lead gen activities, our dedicated editorial and marketing teams will be at your disposal.


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